Home Brewing

Home Brewing according to Wikipedia is “the brewing of beer, wine, sake, mead, cider, perry and other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, through fermentation on a small scale as a hobby for personal consumption, free distribution at social gatherings, amateur brewing competitions or other non-commercial reasons.”

In our case we are specifically interested in the brewing of beer.

Why would you want to brew your own beer?

People home brew for a number of reasons. It is sometimes cheaper to brew than commercially available beer, it allows you the freedom to change and adjust recipes to your liking.

Very few things are quite as satisfying as that first sip of your own carefully crafted beer on a hot sunny day.

You might be asking yourself “How easy is it to brew beer?”

Brewing beer at home can be as easy or as complicated as you choose, from step-by-step kits to full grain decoction mashing, it’s really up to you. If you are new to brewing then we suggest you start where most start, with a kit beer like the ones available at www.thebeerkeg.co.za or www.africanhomebrewing.co.za.

These kits will give you everything you need to get your first brew done successfully.

Once you have built up your confidence and would like to take the next step, we suggest finding a recipe either online or in one of the many books on brewing.

Follow the recipe to the letter and soon you will be enjoying a fine beer with you mates.

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JHB, Pretoria, Vaal and Durban

Wort Hog Brewers

Cape Town

South Yeasters

Both clubs will be able to assist with suppliers, equipment and getting started. You’ll also be able to meet fellow brewers who we’ve found are always willing to help a newbie.