No soldier can fight unless he is properly fed on beef and beer.
John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough

Beer and Rosemary Roasted Turkey

Turkey - a notoriously dry bird unless stuffed with a duck and a chicken. Here's an easier and tasty....

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Cracking open the case of Enzymes- Part 1

Over the course of the next few months we will be guiding you through the in depth use of exogeno....

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Irish Red Ale

This month we focus on the Irish Red Ale which is a style of sweet, malty ale brewed by many Irish b....

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Featured Beer

Black Horse

Red Irish Ale, made from a specially roasted malt to give us the magnificent red coloring. It is also a perfect combination of bitter, sweet and soothes the throat with  every creamy smooth sip!

With a moderate 4.5% alcohol content you can definitely while away the afternoon sipping on a few of these.  

Who knew?

Largest Beer Bottle Collection - In 2002 Ron Werner of the USA was bestowed a certificate for his collection of 11,644 different beer bottles accumulated since 1982, including 7,128 that remain unopened. Among this collection are 1,704 brands. He has sampled almost every one of these brands.

In 2008 however, he was superseded by Mark Hendrickx (Netherlands) who has amassed a collection of 20,202 different beer bottles from 2,302 breweries in 120 countries since 1984. – Guinness World Records