Firkin Hophouse

Abso-Firkin-Lutely Brilliant!

For those who seek a top quality pub experience and welcome a comfy booth from which to watch their favourite sport on television, the Firkin is “Firkin Perfect!”

The word “Firkin” refers to an old English term for a nine-gallon barrel of lager, which has become the common thread among these cosy pubs.  Many of the pubs are renovations of existing buildings, the walls hung with quirky English-inspired decoration.

Big screen televisions and music keep customers coming in long after the dinner crowd.  A full menu is offered, featuring traditional fare such as bangers and mash, and thick crusted pies.  The menu is perfect for the groups and parties that the pubs enjoy entertaining, and so is the vast selection of lagers, ales, and stouts available on tap.  Our independent beer, Foxx Lager and Foxx Red Ale, is exclusively available at all of the Firkin stores.  It is a beer well worth tasting!

So if you’re wanting to have Firkin good food, Firkin good drink, and a Firkin good time, visit the Firkin Firkin!!

Contact Details

AddressShop 401, Roof Top Level
Telephone031 265 0154
Fax031 265 0155