Camelthorn Brewery

Well over 20 years after the pioneers of Micro brewing started their adventurous journey of crafting their own beers in the United States,  Namibia has joined this exciting world of freshly brewed beer varieties.

Jörg Finkeldey, a South African trained Chemical Engineer worked most of his adult life in the brewing trade specifically in designing and selling micro brewing equipment from Upsala in  Sweden to Cape Town South Africa – from Costa Rica to Noumea in New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

Jörg returned home to his country to grow up his two American born boys , Miko and Max and together with his Namibian wife Ulla managed to raise the required funds to start the Micro Brewery in Namibia.
He chose a Namibian indigenous acacia erioloba better known as the Camelthorn Tree symbolizing the endurance and spirit of surviving the worst of droughts.

“As deep routed as the Camelthorn tree is, as deep routed is the Namibian brewing tradition. The early brewing pioneers resemble the resilience of the Camelthorn and we shall continue this quest for endurance and survival.” The first beer was tapped on 8/8/2009 exactly one year after acquiring a brewing licence the first to be awarded since the 1920’s. Camelthorn Brewing Company now boasts with 5 different beers and an occasional seasonal delight.,


Contact Details

Address76 Nickelstreet
Non South African
Telephone+264 61 411 250