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Prawns with Spicy Beer Sauce

The last days of summer are beginning to fade and winter is creeping up on us. This month we’ve chosen a dish with a touch of chilli to help dispel the cold bite. The beer added at the end creates the perfect richness without making it too heavy.

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The Beer Glass

To some people the term “beer glass” simply means any vessel big enough to hold a bottle of beer. However, as most beer lovers know, beer can be a very sophisticated and complex drink. The proper shaped glass can make quite a considerable difference to the look, aroma, taste and overall enjoyment of the beverage.

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Irish Red Ale

This month we focus on the Irish Red Ale which is a style of sweet, malty ale brewed by many Irish breweries. If you are just venturing into tasting different beers then the Irish Red Ale is a good place to start, rather than dipping into some of the big hitters.

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