The Consol Craft Revolution

The Consol Craft Revolution Beer Festival heads to Emperors Palace for the first time this year. This inaugural Craft beer-tasting extravaganza will take place for one day only on 20 June 2015 from 11:00-17:00
The festival will feature a selection of South Africa’s top Craft Breweries, drawing “beer-ginners” and craft beer connoisseurs alike. Also on offer, to pair with your Craft Beer or wine of choice, is a selection of lip-smacking gourmet street food from some of Jozi’s finest food trucks.

In addition there will be an exciting line-up of foot-tapping live bands who will entertain visitors throughout the day.

All food and drink purchased on site will be done using the festival currency called “Castros”. Each Castro is worth R5 and can be purchased at the event in denominations of R100 booklets. Tickets cost R80.00 (includes a free beer glass) and can be purchased online at and or on entry at the door.

Case by case – Consol is supporting the craft beer industry. There are countless reasons why glass is the best packaging format for beer, but when it comes to craft beer and home brewed hops, glass is the obvious and only choice.  It boils down to taste. 

Craft beer is all about the flavours – full and interesting ingredients that combine to produce bold notes and rich aromas that will educate even the most seasoned palate. Brewed naturally, from the best quality and 100% natural ingredients, with no additives, preservatives, thickeners or stabilisers, microbrewers need packaging that preserves taste and extends shelf life. As the only pure packaging made from 100% natural and recyclable ingredients, glass maintains the beer’s unique flavour, while the impermeable nature of the amber glass further preserves the beer.  

Supporting this, research indicates that 80% of South Africans feel that things just taste better in glass*; that and the fact that products in glass are perceived to be better quality*. For all these reasons, craft beer is just better – bottled in glass.

We’re living through a beer renaissance where consumption is all about style and choice, so it’s not surprising that craft beer has become increasingly popular with those who have a discerning palette.  In the business of keeping craft beer on tap, Consol has worked hard to craft and innovate in ways that specifically cater to the microbrewer’s unique requirements, ensuing South Africans who have a thirst for hops, are hoppy about their brew of choice. 
So for those who appreciate good taste. Brew it. Drink it. Enjoy it in glass. 

* IPSOS Khayabus Research, November 2013

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