Start a Christmas Tradition

Any lover of craft beer will admit that variety is what the allure of craft beer is all about. Sampling what each brewer has passionately crafted, identifying your favourites and learning about the different attributes of beer is what makes the whole experience.

This year I decided to start up my own Christmas tradition that will enable me to do just that but with much less effort. As we all know, the shops are crammed during this time of year and none of us want to spend hours in queues or shop-hopping to find a variety of beers.

Enter the Beer Swap. Its simplicity is its beauty. Invite six, twelve, or eighteen of your mates over for a braai. Each one brings six, twelve or eighteen beers of one kind. Everyone swaps their wares. You walk away with a variety of beers to savour over the festive period. Simple!

Only one rule applies to our group - only craft beers or, if you are so inclined, newly launched commercial beers allowed - but of course you can adjust to your taste buds.


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