Celebrate International Beer Day

Beermag would like to take this opportunity to extend a hearty thanks to all the Brew Masters and hard-working members of the South African beer industry! We appreciate the commitment and passion that goes into bringing us our favourite beverage.

Ways to Celebrate

1. Share a beer with a friend
Share a home brew or head down to your favourite watering hole. Drinking beer is  always a great way to pass the time, but it’s a much better experience shared with a few mates.

2. Try new Beers
If you have a firm favourite you stick to every weekend, try ordering something new today.

3. Support your local Microbrewery
There are more microbreweries in South Africa than you think. Check out our Breweries page to find one close to you. Makro, Loco Liquor and many other bottle stores also stock our micro brewed beers.

4. Thank your Brewer, thank your Bartender
Thousands of men and women around the world have devoted their lives to providing us with the enormous variety beers we have available to us, and on International Beer Day it's important to let these people know that we appreciate them. So write a note, leave a tip, make a call, or just say thanks, but make sure your brewers and bartenders know that you love them.

5. Brew a Beer
What better way to pay homage and celebrate than to brew you very own beer! The Beer Keg Home Brew Shop has everything you need to get started.  http://www.thebeerkeg.co.za

6. Give a Gift of Beer
Buy a mate, your dad, brother or even father-in-law a beer. The smile of enjoyment is almost as satisfying as the beer itself.


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