Bag O' Beer

Tsingtao is the most popular beer in China. And on the streets Qingdao, the city where it’s brewed, you can also buy it in bags.

Hundreds of tiny restaurants dot the streets, each with kegs of beer out front. 

Using a small spring scale, the vendors weigh out the amount of beer you ask for. Then you get a small straw to punch through the side of the bag to drink out of.

Beer_Bag_Keg.bmpSince the 1930s, beer drinking has become an inextricable part of everyday life for many Qingdao locals. Since Tsingtao Beer has become a world-famous brand, the city has earned a reputation as China's beer capital. Though today there are many breweries throughout China producing Tsingtao Beer, enthusiasts insist that the best beer comes only from the original city because brewers use mineral water from nearby Laoshan Mountain.

In Qingdao, beer often washes down seafood. Clams, which locals call gala, are common on tables because of their affordable prices. Additionally, razor clams, crabs, prawns and sea cucumbers also go great with beer. They are cooked in Qingdao style, which is a branch of Shandong cuisine. Qingdao residents will be the first to tell you that on a summer night, it is delightful relaxation to swig sour, bubbly beer while enjoying the coolness brought by the sea breeze.


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