Bottoms Up!

This remarkable little invention from Grinon Industries is set to change the service industry as we know it. No more missing the second half of the rugby match if our stadiums install this little puppy!

The Bottoms Up Beer Dispensing System® can “pour” up to 44 pints in a minute. Apart from the speed, the remarkable thing about it is the machine does this from the bottom.

Take a look:

But how does it work you ask?

The cups have a hole at the bottom, obviously, with a donut shaped magnet around it.  To seal the hole, a second magnetic disc inside the cup sticks to the filling-hole magnet.


So it’s fast, efficient and clever.  Now if they can just do something about the toilet queues ……


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tyron says: March 11, 2011

This idea was invented by a South African (Grinon are probably using some loophole to use this). See this site

They are already supplying to some Stadiums in SA, I have seen this at Moses Mabhida Stadium a few times.

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