Move over Wine, Beer has arrived

A gastronomic revolution is quietly taking place in this country that aims to challenge wine’s reign as the food pairing beverage of choice.

Beer is considered by some more food friendly than wine. There is certainly more room for variety. Where wine is limited by two ingredients -  grapes and yeast, or three if you count the wood-ageing process, beer outshines it with barley (which provides sweetness), hops (bitterness), yeast (which can lend a fruity or earthy flavour) as well as a host of spices, nuts, chocolate and fruit.

Over the next few months Beer Mag will be exploring what’s on offer, discovering food pairings and sourcing scrumptious recipes that include beer in their ingredient lists.

Let’s start with a classic, beer and cheese.

These two have a lot in common. They both grew up together in the kitchens of farmer’s wives and Trappist monks.  The grain used to produce beer is often the same as that which is fed to milk-animals to produce cheese.

Both need a period of resting or fermentation; even their industries bare a certain resemblance: both are gathering momentum, propelled forward by devoted enthusiasts creating new world grooves from old world symphonies.   

But critically, these two share earthy, yeasty, fruity, rich, floral flavours which, when matched correctly, fuse together in perfect harmony on the palette in ways that wine can only dream of.

As an added bonus, beers prickly carbonation bubbles compliment the experience by cleansing the tongue of the fats found in cheese and readies the palette for the next taste.

So next time you reach for a piece of artisanal, handcrafted cheese, save the Chardonnay and try an Ale or Lager instead!


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Theodor says: December 10, 2010

Great idea for a magazine - in a country where everything has become political it is great to still see some innovative thinking - well done!

Wouter says: December 10, 2010

This is cool! I maintain that the best investment when prepaing for doomsday (or whatever major crisis) is beer! If food resources gets depleted, money will become worthless, but you can always trade with beer. And the nutritional value is a bonus.
Good luck with the publication!

Gilda says: December 09, 2010

Suprisingly delightful and informative afternoon spent tasting the different beers and cheeses. Have to agree to limit the number of cheeses! The Double Chocolate Beer from Youngs was an absolute treat and a great introduction to Beer.

says: December 06, 2010

Tried this with mate - awesome day, but suggest you only have a few cheeses or it gets too much

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